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During a week, there are a lot of oportunites to dance tango in Warsaw milonga! Isn't it amazing? Map at this page will help you to find them all in easy way.

Use a filter bar ( top of the map ) to choose which day you are interested in. If you click on map marker new window will appear. All important informations are provided : hours of opening, kind of music. Click on "get directions" and Google will show you how to get to milonga of your choice.

updated:  18.08.2016

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Salon Tango - Nuevo Thursday Długa 44/50, Warszawa, Polska Hours : 20.45-00.15
Music : traditional and nuevo
Milonga na Chłodnej Friday Aleje Jerozolimskie 123a, Warszawa, Polska Hours : 22.15-2.00
Music : traditional
Na ulicy Wolność Friday Wolność 2A, Warszawa, Polska Hours 21.00-00.00
Music : traditional and nuevo
Elegante Saturday Długa 44/50, Warszawa, Polska Hours : 19.00-2.00
Music : traditional
Comme il Faut Sunday Potocka 14, Warszawa, Polska Hours : 16.30-21.00
Music : traditional
Wilcza Milonga Temporarily suspended plac Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 9, Warszawa, Polska Hours : 20.30-23.55
Music : traditional
Milonga Inaczey Monday aleja Stanów Zjednoczonych 68, Warszawa, Polska Hours : 21.00-23.00
Music : nuevo
Tu i teraz Monday Ludwika Narbutta 87, Warszawa, Polska Hours : 20.30-00.00 Music : traditional irregular milonga
No Stress w Złotej Milondze Tuesday Długa 44/50, Warszawa, Polska Hours : 21.00-24.00
Music : traditional and nuevo

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